Drivable Power Stocker

A photo of the Drivable Power Stocker.

Model Number Working Height Merchandise Deck - Max. Height Footprint (W" x L") Overall Height (Lowered) Power Weight (Lbs.)
PS-12D* 18' 13' 42" x 60" 96" 2-12V 1,600
PS-15D* 20' 14'10" 43" x 65" 90" 2-12V 1,675

The New Drivable Power Stocker is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Our New Drivable Power Stocker, Model Number PS-12D has all the ergonomic features and benefits as our push-able models, including ground entry and the ability to raise merchandise to shelf levels while easily sliding the product on or off the shelf. This minimizes the back strains of lifting and at the same time improves productivity and safety.

The Drivable Power Stocker is easy to operate. The control(joy) stick makes navigation simple and safe. The Drivable Power Stocker has two speeds and can be operated in the raised position. The PS-12D comes with a Gate Safety Alarm, Manual Lowering Valve, Warning Lights plus Emergency Stop Buttons- all Standard!

Photo of the Drivable Power Stocker.


  • Large Cargo Deck 32”(Wide)X 28”(Deep)
  • Standing Platform 28”(Wide)X 19”(Deep)
  • 650 lbs. Capacity- Merchandise and Operator
  • 2-12V Batteries
  • Power Cord for charging
  • Easy charging using standard 110V outlet
  • Key Lock prevents unauthorized usage
  • Ground and Control Box Operations
  • Two Speeds

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