The Power Stocker

The Power Stocker is a unique merchandise lift that addresses the shortfalls of the Safety Rolling Ladder and the Order Picker.

Ballymore offers this lift in three models:

  • The PS-10- Platform Maximum of 8’2” and a Working Height of 14’
  • The PS-12- Platform Maximum of 12’2” and a Working Height of 17’
  • The PS-15- Platform Maximum of 15’ and a Working Height of 21’

So what are the SAFETY features and benefits?

  • The Power Stocker eliminates climbing up and down ladders and increases productivity while reducing  falling accidents, back claims and knee and ankle problems
  • The Power Stocker utilizes an ergonomic design specifically the slide verse lift technique - The platform raises to the desired height and the shelf allows a worker to slide merchandise on and off.  This will minimize back injuries and worker’s compensation claims
  • The Power Stocker’s capacity is 450# (merchandise and operator) - it is a safer alternative to large rolling ladders, particularly when handling heavy and bulky items
  • The Power Stocker is loaded with safety features including
    • Locking side guardrails on both sides of the merchandise platform (the guardrails rotate out of the way to allow for easy loading and unloading and then close and lock for ascending and descending.
    • The patented sensing system option, available on both the PS-12 and PS-15 models, creates a 2’ safety zone around the lift and alerts the operator of activity below
    • Saloon Type Entry Doors - The Doors are designed to eliminate the possibility of an associate falling backward off the lift
    • Floor Locks- lock the lift to the ground but also prevent an associate from raising the lift while still in the rolling position
    • The control panel which includes mandatory two hand operation, kill switches and on/off key entry
    • Manual Lowering Valves and Power Kill Switches reinforce the safety design

So what are the other features and benefits?

  • Training and Utilization are designed for most employees. A short class and on-hands training certification are all that is needed.  The lift is designed to be used not hidden away
  • Manually Propelled – the Power Stocker has a small footprint and rolls easily on 6" casters. Employees who are afraid of motor driven order pickers will use the Power Stocker. In fact the lift will be utilized throughout the operation.
  • Charging – The Power Stocker is designed to go through 100+ cycles on a single charge. The Power Stocker has a 12 volt battery and can be re-charged using a standard 110 Volt Outlet.
  • The Power Stocker meets/exceeds ANSI standards
  • The Power Stocker is an economical alternative to an expensive order picker

Want to see one of the lifts in action? They are in most major home improvement stores nationwide.

Next time when shopping in your nearby home improvement store look for the Blue Ballymore Power Stocker. This is our PS-14 model but it is very similar to our PS-12. The lift is used in most indoor departments and is very popular.

Give Ballymore a call and we will give you more details.

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