Drivable Lateral Ball Transfer Table

Drivable Lateral Ball Transfer Table

  • Table Dimensions: 31 1/2”W x 36” D
  • Overall Height: 89”
  • Footprint: 60” Overall Length x 34” Overall Width
  • Litium Battery: 24V
  • Raised Table Max Height: 72”
  • Table Lowered Height: 6 1/2”
  • Weight 1,364 Lbs


  • Mobile all directional conveyor table. This new innovation allows the user to easily slide heavy products onto the deck and safely move them to a shelf or cart. Turning a lift and carry activity into simple effortless slide.
  • The TBTT allows an employee to slide product on or off a shelf anywhere from 6 1/2” high to 72” without lifting.
  • Product can be rolled onto the table and rotated to the desired direction with ease.
  • Easily move heavy products from the truck to the shelf and from the shelf to the customers cart.
  • The balls retract automatically when the table is lowered to provide a secure surface for transport.
  • Balls can be raised and lowered independently of the table height control if needed.
  • Lithium Battery with on-board charger
  • Access controlled by key pad see through center mast for for maximum visibility
  • Drive wheel provides excellent traction for use on flat, smooth surfaces only
  • Patent pending

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