Ball Lift Table

Semi-Powered Ball Transfer Conveyor Table


Ball Lift Table

  • Weight Capacity - 500 lbs
  • Table dimensions - 20” x 35”  (leaves room in the aisle for customer to pass by)
  • Table contains multi directional ball rollers
  • The table height - from 12” to 48”
  • Footprint - 21” x 53”
  • Weight - 500 lbs
  • Overall Height - 51” Lowered



  • This tool turns a lifting or lowering task into a lower risk push or pull.
  • The tool allows an employee to slide product on or off a shelf anywhere from 12” high to 48” without lifting. 
  • Product can be rolled onto the table and rotated to the desired direction with ease.
  • Smooth rolling casters.  Pushing force on level concrete, when fully loaded
  • Can be used to assist in palletizing / depalletizing heavy product
  • Key Controlled


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