Powered Portable Loading Dock Features

Ballymore’s most recent offering is our Powered Portable Loading Dock. This Patent Pending product is drivable in both forward and reversible directions plus the platform can be hydraulically raised from ground level to 55" high. The Powered Portable Loading Dock is heavy duty with a capacity of 1500 lbs. and Ideal for loading or unloading heavy objects to dock levels or pickup truck bed heights. No more back breaking lifting or trying to balance expensive objects on a fork lift, the Powered Portable Loading Dock will make any loading job safe and easy to complete.

The Powered Portable Loading Dock.


  • Drivable in forward or reverse
  • All in one Control Handle for Loading Dock steering, movement forward and reverse and platform raising and lowering
  • Heavy Duty Capacity– 1500 lbs.
  • Large Platform designed to address a wide variety of products
  • Key Control Operation
  • Fold Down Rails
  • Numerous Safety Features including Emergency Stop Button
  • Convenient 110 volt charging
  • Extendable Side Rails
  • Battery Power Indicator
  • Built in Cycle Counter

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