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Drawing of airplane tail dock assembly for MD-80Drawing of airplane tail dock assemblyPhoto of custom yellow single entry work platformPhoto of yellow work platformPhoto of white lift in lowered positionPhoto of white lift in raised positionPhoto of yellow custom ladderPhoto of ladder for attachment to upper levelsPhoto of yellow custom ladderPhoto of airplane access piecePhoto of ladder for airplane door accessCustom Yellow Work PlatformCustom Yellow Work PlatformPhoto of custom scissor lift raised and with the platform extendedPhoto of three white scissor lifts of different sizesPhoto of eight different sized scissor liftsPhoto of double-entry work platformPhoto of thin ladder in aisle

Aircraft Maintenance Platform

Ballymore designed and built this custom airplane dock to enable workers to perform maintenance on all parts of an airplane's tail section without the contstant repositioning needed with traditional lifts.  The platform can be adjusted to conform to different planes as shown in the illustrations below.

Photo of large custom adjustable airplane dock with two illustrations on how different airplane tails would fit in it

Custom Industrial Work Platform

Photo of large custom industrial work platform

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