Step by Step Instructions

Diagram showing how to choose a ladder

  1. Consider the best material, tread and tread design for your needs
  2. Review specialty ladders for unique requirements
  3. Select platform height based on operations to be performed or weight and bulk of object to be carried. Maximum convenient working height is generally 5 - 6 feet above the top step or platform
  4. Minimum ceiling height should be 6 - 7 feet above the top step or platform
  5. In larger ladders, choose a wide ladder over a narrow one if space permits For very bulky loads, consider a stairway slope ladder and / or deeper top steps
  6. Take into account whether people must pass the ladder in aisles and where it must rest when not in use
  7. Consider limitations on ladder dimensions imposed by doorways, overhead obstructions, corners to be turned, etc.
  8. Trays and shelves are available to hold merchandise while on ladder 9. For unusual conditions or applications, please call for recommendations

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