Ladder Options and Modifications

Option Description How to order
Ship Ladder Assembled
  • Most ladders ship unassembled.  Ladders are availble fully assembled.  
  • NOTE: Due to size, ladders above 12 steps must ship unassembled.
Specify SU after model number
All-Welded Construction
  • Ladders are available with all-welded construction.
  • NOTE:  Due to size, some larger ladders must ship unassembled.
Specify AW after the model number
Deep Top Step Option
  • Ladders are available with optional 21" or 28" deep top step.
  • Deeper Top Steps provide a larger, more comfortable work space, particularly for applications where the worker needs to turn sideways on the top step, or is handling bulky items.
  • Includes Heavy-Duty corrugated box packaging for added shipping protection.
All-Directional Option
  • Ladders with the All-Directional option include an extra set of 4" swivel casters, allowing the ladder to roll in All Directions.  Provides maximum maneuverability, particularly in confined areas or where turning radius is limited.  Ladder can move laterally to fit in tight corners and close to shelving.
  • Available on ladders with Locksteps.
  • Recommended for larger ladders with longer base lengths.
Weight-Actuated Lockstep Ladders
  • The Weight Actuated Lockstep is the safest, most durable lockstep on the market today.
  • Apply 70 lbs. of pressure to any step and the ladder automatically drops the front feet to the ground securing the ladder to the floor for safe climbing.
  • Single Pedal lifts ladder into the rolling position.
  • Extremely durable -  Robotically tested to 60,000 cycles before replacing the latch hook.  Then cycled for another 60,000 cycles.
  • Preferred by Loss Prevention managers.
  • View the video
Rear Exit Option
  • The rear guardrail is removed to provide easy walk through from the top step onto mezzanines or other elevated surfaces.  A snap chain is inserted in the opening.
  • Not available on ladders with Spring-Loaded Casters.
Specify REAR EXIT after model number
Side Exit Option
  • The rail can be removed from either the right or left side of the top step to allow easy walk through from side of the top step onto a mezzanine or other elevated surface.  A snap chain is inserted in the opening.
  • Requires a 28” Deep Top Step.
  • Not available on ladders with Spring-Loaded Casters.
Specify RIGHT or  after model number
Fold-Down Rails Option
  • Fold Down Rails hinge at the rear of the top step and fold forward toward the stair section to allow ladder to roll under overhead objects that rails may hit in the upright position.
  • Rails in folded position are 10" above the Top Step Height.
  • Available on ladders 4 steps and above.
Specify FD-RAILS after model number
  • Ladders shipping to California must be built to CAL-OSHA standards
  • Rails on ladders 5 steps and above require 42" handrails with a midrails on the top step
  • CAL-OSHA also requires a minimum 3 to 1 height to base ratio  (top step to base width), so the base width on some ladders is increased.
Specify CAL-OSHA after model number
"Employee Only" Sign
  • Mounts between Rails at entrance to ladder.
  • Includes Chain with Snap Hooks to attach to rings welded on ladder rails.
Specify EMPLOYEE ONLY sign after model number
  • Heavy Duty corrugated boxing packaging provides added shipping protection.
  • Available for Unassembled Ladders up through 12 steps.
  • Highly recommended.
Specify BOXED after model number
Wooden Skid Option
  • Wooden Skid provides ease of handling and is recommended on shipments of larger ladders.
  • Helps prevent freight damage.
Specify SKIDDED after model number


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