Paint Cart

A 400 pound weight set.

Model Number Capacity Lbs. Base Shelf Overall Height Weight Lbs.
BPCRT-O (Orange) 400 20" x 27" 20" x 20" 42" 62
BPCRT-B (Blue) 400 20" x 27" 20" x 20 42" 62
Additional Information

Wheels- Four Heavy Duty Casters- Two Swivels and Two Rigids

Ballymore’s New Paint Cart

It’s here!!!- Ballymore’s Latest New Product – a perfectly designed patent pending Heavy Duty Paint Cart. The New Paint Cart makes transporting a 5 gallon container quicker and less stressful on your back and shoulders. Imagine the productivity savings!! Simply maneuver the cart over any 5 gallon container, press down the pedal with your foot and the container will lift for easy transport. When the destination has been reached push up on the pedal with your foot and the container will slowly return to the ground. The upper shelf can also be used to carry additional items. Ballymore’s Paint Cart is available in two colors; Orange or Blue!!

And YES- it’s not just for Paint Containers!!!

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