Ladders in a Box

A Ladder in a Box?

US Patent Stamp
Patent 7,841,447

Ballymore's ladder in a box is changing the industry!  In January 2011 Ballymore was awarded Patent No. 7,841,447 "Ladder with Removable Step and Method of Storing the Ladder in a Compact Container."

  • Eliminates Freight Damage
  • Allows rolling ladders to be stacked without damaging the ladders
  • Allow customer to stock ladders cost effectively
  • Allows ladders to shipped Globally for the first time


Photo of ladder situated in shipping box and a stack of boxed ladders ready for shipment.

Ballymore Introduces Small Spring-Loaded Ladders in a Box!! 

Product Details

  • One- through five-step ladders ship flat in a box.
  • These ladders are easily stocked and most ship UPS.
  • Available with and without handrails.

Photo showing 450 pound capacity icon and 3-step spring loaded caster ladder next to its shipping box


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