3D Model Viewer - Getting Started

Loading the ladder file into the software

After you have downloaded and installed the free viewer and the files of interest from our site, open one of the downloaded files.

Screenshot of creo view software pointing to the open file icon requesting you open the downloaded file.

Loading the ladder drawing into the main view window

Screenshot of arrow pointing to the top checkbox along the left sidebar which will load the drawings into the main viewer window.

Changing the orientation of the drawing

Screenshot pointing out the orientation icon in the software through which you can manipulate the ladder drawing.


Controlling rotation of the drawing

Screenshot pointint out the rotation icon that allows you to rotate the ladder drawing.


Exploring parts of the ladder

Screenshot demonstrating that you can click on a part of the ladder to get the name and highlight it.


Zooming into the drawing

Screenshot pointing out the zoom icons in the software for closer views.


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